Created by AVA management 01 APRIL 2010

  1. Keep all bicycles off the rail. Do not hook handlebars or lean bicycles on either side of the rail for this creates a dangerous situation.
  2. Never cross the track while a race is in progress. Use the tunnel if available or wait until the race has ended before crossing the track. Always look before crossing the track, as slower riders may still be finishing a race.
  3. It is the responsibility of the faster rider to pass slow riders. Slow riders are responsible for riding straight allowing faster riders to pass predictably -maintain a straight line.
  4. NEVER get out of the way of a faster rider and do not expect slow riders to get out of your way.
  5. Please shoulder check/signal (hand) before changing lines on the track and especially if you are pulling up to the rail
  6. The pole lane or sprinters lane is reserved for fast riding.
  7. Use the area above the stayers line (blue) for slower or recovery speeds, but leave the top metre of track clear for emergency use or flying starts.
  8. Use the apron for very slow riding; never ride on the cote d'azure (the blue area at the base of the track).
  9. As you approach a slower rider with their head turned in the direction you want to pass, sound off with the command "STICK" in order to make the slower rider keep from moving into your passing line.
  10. If you hear riders shout "STICK" then continue to ride straight or correct your line to ride parallel to the black line.
  11. If you will be practicing standing starts, alert everyone on the track.
  12. Do not rest/sit on either side of the rail. If you are not riding the track, exit the track and rest on the benches.
  13. During motor-pacing sessions, if you are not actively behind the motorbike, exit the track or remain on the inside (the part with the grass beside it) of the apron
  14. Be aware of all riders on the track and show consideration for others safety.
  15. If you are unsure of any of the rules feel free to ask others during your session.