It's back!

Do NOT need a team to sign up! We can make teams the day of pending on number of registrants. Sign on to come shortly, stay tuned :)

To fill out the race weekend we will have a 50km marathon, Sunday, June 8th. 10am start time. Track opens at 9am. Sign on the morning of. $5 entry fee.

OCTOBER 9th - 9:00am - BE THERE!

In last year's budget deliberations, a presentation was made to City Council on an indoor recreational centre, including a velodrome. The projected cost was $120 million and Community Services department staff was asked to bring back a phased plan, with the preliminary focus being a velodrome and a link to Peter Hemingway pool for the triathlon community. We have been working with the administration to achieve the goal. Council's Community Services Committee will meet on Tuesday October 9th at 9:00, at which time the revised proposal will be considered, prior to a recommendation to City Council. Our goal is to get a commitment from the city moving this project ahead. We are hoping that the proposal will be at the top of the agenda meaning it will be heard shortly after 9:00. We will let you know the precise time of this presentation, once the agenda is confirmed. Please do your best to attend the meeting in the River Valley Room at City Hall to show your support.

Tom and Jerry Sprint days

Introducing: Track League! Tom & Jerry. A simple set of Match Sprint events, once per track league session. Why? Because we all could use a little more experience in the finer craft of cat & mouse Match Sprinting!


Proposed dates: Saturday afternoons on: May 12, July 21, Aug 25. Afternoons are preferred, because sprint muscles work better in the warmth of the afternoon. And hey, wouldn't we all rather sleep-in a bit on Saturday?


Structure: Thinking we'll do some flying 200s to seed, and then run the matches from there. Track League Points will be awarded for results.


P.S. The name "Tom & Jerrys" - it's a nod to the old-school fun of Saturday morning cartoons, and an attempt to illustrate that these events are more about having fun and learning, than something to be taken too seriously. Of course, hopefully the cat & mouse thing is obvious!

Track League! 2012

May 3rd - August 30th  This year be prepared for ULTIMATE FUN!

284km of track 10milers (including Neutral lap)

18 weeks of TL!

3 seasons

1 track  

Cost: Try TL! for $5 first night ($40 for the seasons)   The rotation of the Earth this fine year has enabled us to have ONE EXTRA WEEK of TL! fun. Ss we decided to keep with the theme of changes and change up TL! Primarily to keep y'all on your toes. But really to add a little more spunk to the race, yes, spunk. This year there will be "seasons" 1, 2, and 3. So if you have to be gone for part of a summer but kick some searious butt during your time here you do not lose out on TL! points. As well, we will still be having the 10miler once a week - with a even more epic Leader Board! The title belt may even make an appearence this year...  

Check out the 2012 schedule under the heading "Track Jazz".

See you at the track! :)

81" cup

81 inches taking to the track on SUNDAY April 29th! 

Who: You!

What: Track race... in your 81" gear

When: April 29th, arrive at 9:00am to set up and warm up

Where: The infamous Argyll Velodrome

Why: Because it is the first race of the season, you need to get those legs spinning, and track is fun!

How: um... ride fast!

Upcoming Track Racing

Lino Bovo Grand Prix
August 27- 28, 2011

Juventus Cycling is hosting the 2011 Lino Bovo Track Meet at the Argyll Velodrome 6850 88 Street, Edmonton.  

Main Specs:

Cost = $40 (registration on the day of the race it will be $50)

Registration = Register online, at closing at 11:00 PM, Aug 24, 2011

Events will include: Pursuit, sprint, scratch, kilo/500, points and keirin  

If you have any questions/comments/issues feel free to contact one of the race organizers:

Peter Toth - (780) 991-9007

Gail Wozny - (780) 995-6912  

For more detailed information check out the Juventus website    

The Edmonton International City Championships

The EICC is in its third year and will take place at the historic Argyll Velodrome on September 17, 2011. The racing will feature an array of races from all over the world!  

Main Specs:

Cost = $10

Start Time = 10:00am  

If you have any questions/comments/issues feel free to contact Jeff Bakal [] or the Argyll Velodrome []  

See you at the races :)

TL! enters Summer :D

The start of summer brings sun, ‘longer’ days for rides AND Feature nights at Track League! 

There will be 3 “Feature Races” and 1 “Feature 10 miler” sprinkled throughout the remainder of the summer to help spice things up a little.

What IS a feature event? It is a race with money on the line.  

In the Featured races 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded to Elite’s and Expert’s, and 1st and 2nd will be awarded to Sport’s.  

The dates and races will be announced shortly so stay tuned... but just to be on the safe side I’d race every Thursday!  

See you at TL! :)

50Km Marathon - Track Style

RESULTS: 50 Km Marathon Results   

You do not have to love the track you just have to love to ride (as I’m sure we all do) to come out and enjoy the “50km marathon” this Sunday, June 5th!  

The details:

Who: You! Whether you are a track rider or roadie (but hopefully you have ridden the track before)

What: 150 lap marathon around our lovely, outdoor track

When: Sunday, June 5th @ 10:00am  

Cost: none – just a little ATP

Other: We’ll say maximum 30 riders aaand if you can bring out a helper that would be grand!  

See you at the Track! :)

Your help is needed: Indoor Velodrome Project

We could have the indoor velodrome soon if lots of cyclists show up and press for its inclusion in this new project! May 16th from 6:30-9:30pm there is a “Public information session on the Coronation Rec Centre” at Edmonton’s Central Lions Senior Centre (11113 – 113 St).  Even if you are not a track rider your support and ideas are important. This information session gives Edmonton (and the greater area) cyclists a chance to be a part of making Edmonton a top North American cycling destination. The Argyll Velodrome Association has been working with the City of Edmonton to provide a new indoor cycling track. The first stage of planning is underway with the velodrome as part of the Coronation Rec Centre. A quick summary of what has been occurring:   - Currently we are looking to have a track in a Recreational Centre setting - The facility would be located in Coronation Park - The creation of this facility would allow us to have world class level training and racing throughout the seasons   However, none of this can occur with out the help of the community. So now comes the point when we need Canada’s cyclists (aka you!) to help this project along.   This session is a chance for you to give any ideas you have for the track, and for you to give input on ideas that have already arisen.   So please come support and invite any cycling/triathlete friends along. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail. Please RSVP your attendance to James.thompson at, or if you’re far away, please email him your letter of support.   On behalf of the AVA project steering committee.