Alex Ongaro

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AVRA’s head coach, Alex Ongaro, is a home-grown Edmonton talent. He was a member of the Canadian National Cycling Team for 7 years, and his successes include a silver medal at the 1986 Commonwealth Games, and a final at the 1984 Olympics.

Alex understands how to maximize training benefit in Edmonton’s climate, ensuring each AVRA athlete’s optimum development. Alex has extensive experience coaching both elite and developing cyclists to national and international success.

Since 2015 Alex has coached and overseen the development of our athletes - refining and enhancing talent identification. In 2016, two AVRA athletes were selected to the Junior World Track Cycling Championships in Aigle Switzerland (Stefan Ritter - sprint, and Devaney Collier - endurance).

Alex Ongaro was selected as the Sprint Coach to the championships, coaching AVRA athlete Stefan Ritter to two podium performances including a Junior World Championship – Canada’s first ever Junior World Track Cycling Title.

Later that year, as Sprint Coach to the 2016 Pan American Track Cycling Championships, Alex coached Stefan to a junior world record in both the 1 km TT and Flying 200m.



Alex Ongaro continues to drive the identification, development and success of youth, elite, master and para AVRA athletes, as well as locally identified RBC athletes.