Track League Information

Track League is divided into two sessions per week - see Race Schedule for details.
- Tuesday: 7:00-9:00pm is 10-mile
- Thursday: 6:00-9:00pm Omnium Events

Entry Fees - Depending on whether you wish to race Tuesdays, Thursdays, or both, the entry fee will vary. See Rider Registration Form for details. Single entry fee is $10 in addition to completing a Rider Registration Form.

  • LAMP Racers: Race for free

  • Numbers: A number will be assigned to each registered rider for the season.

  • Categories: Self–seeded A/B/C (ability), unless instructed by organizers or staff/officials.

New riders – In order to participate in Track League, you must successfully complete the Learn to Ride and Learn to Race sessions. See Pathways to ensure you have the proper pre-requisites.

All racers – We are racing for fun and training. Ideally you get to race within your bike handling comfort zone, but outside your speed and fitness comfort zone. You need to ride safely, with respect for your competitors, and as a good sportsperson. The goal is your own tactical and fitness improvement in an environment that is safe for all participants. See Rules & Etiquette for cycling on the velodrome.

Enforcement – Will be managed by race officials and race-day volunteers, staff/volunteers and in most cases for the goal of rider education. In cases where this is deemed ineffective penalties can include: additional training followed by skills demonstration, loss of points for the night, loss of points for the season, and loss of racing privileges.

Race Format – See Race Schedule for list of events.