Welcome to AVRA

AVRA opens the doors to greater achievements for competitive cyclists with commitment. It recognizes potential, and strives to develop both physical and psychological strength with athletes who are eager to develop and have the desire to perform on a larger stage. AVRA provides the vision, the team, and the planning to take on the adventure of competitive cycling.  AVRA rewards ambition, courage and grit. It rejects complacency and strives to create success for the athlete and for sport.

AVRA: changing high-performance cycling

Who we are 

The Academy is divided into four programs: High Performance, Performance Development, Development, and Custom.

Training in each program is designed to focus on developing the skills and fitness needed to be successful in cycling, while taking into account what is age appropriate for the athlete's stage of development.  The idea is that athletes will move through the development stages over a number of years developing the necessary skills and fitness to become successful cyclists.

Services offered by the coach depend on the program level. Those in the high performance program will have greater one-on-one contact versus those in the development program. Services may include

  • Individual training aimed at optimizing the cyclist’s engine for elite international performances 
  • Working in a group or one-on-one with the Coach 
  • Monthly training and racing planner reviewed as needed 
  • Receive a new training program as needed 
  • Email, phone, text, or skype contact 
  • Session analysis of your Heart Rate or Power
  • Physiological performance testing at the start of the year and every 4 months
  • Liaison to Sport Psychology services 
  • Liaison to a Strength and Conditioning expert to develop a personalized resistance training program

The main focus will be in Track and Road cycling, with a goal to produce Junior and Senior Alberta and Canadian Champions.