Why bring your class to the Velodrome?

Our facility offers an opportunity not many cities are able to offer. We enable students to experience the unique sport of track cycling. As one of 7 functional tracks in Canada this is a very unique, new, and fun way to incorporate cycling into a physical education program.

What we provide

The bikes    |    The helmets    |    The instructors    |    The experience

Structure of a typical session

  1. partner students of the same height [they share a bike. Max 13 students on the track, this enables the students to get a feel for the sport in as comfortable and safe manner as possible]
  2. pass out helmets, gather for instruction
  3. go over the 3 major rules, and starting and stopping
  4. go over questions
  5. fit bikes
  6. get first group on the track, allot 8-10 minutes to ride
  7. Switch partners, allot 8-10minutes to ride
  8. if time, finish with a race or time trial

Session duration

Classes can book anywhere from 45minutes to 3 hours

  • 1 hour bookings are optimal for 15 – 30 students
  • 1.5 hour bookings are optimal for 30 – 40 students
  • 2 – 2.5 hour bookings are optimal for 40-60 students  

These times are mere suggestions for you to get the most out of the track experience – if you have a larger class and only have 1 hour we do our best to accommodate so each kid gets a chance to ride  


  • The optimal bottoms are shorts or capris (students will NOT be allowed to ride in baggy bottoms, dresses, or skirts, due to safety reasons)
  • The optimal footwear is runners (students will NOT be allowed to ride in sandals, flip-flops, Toms*, heels, flats, or boots, due to safety reasons)
  • Students should bring their own water bottle


It is $8.50 per student who rides the track & teachers can ride for free