Teacher Opportunities

We feel that the formula for any successful school program must include well-informed and experienced teachers. Enthusiastic and supportive educators are essential to the learning experience of their students; to this end, we are committed to assisting our cooperating teachers in every way possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or ideas to share.


Free-Ride Fridays

Free-Ride Fridays is an opportunity for teachers to come to the Velodrome on Fridays between the hours of 3-5 pm and ride for free. We will show you the basics and get you on the track for some fun learning. 

Please call 780-953-5269 for availability.


Custom Built Events

Schools are always looking for ways to involve their students in activities which build strong relationships between students and staff. The velodrome offers the perfect venue for school events such as bike-a-thons, bike days, and triathlons, all in a safe, controlled environment. 

Please call 780-953-5269 for availability.


Boot Camp for Teachers

Boot Camp for Teachers was designed primarily for teachers wanting to spend the morning or afternoon at the velodrome as a professional development option. Bring your department or your whole staff and enjoy a chance to ride the velodrome.

Please call 780-953-5269 for availability.