Latest results for those eager to see. ONE MORE WEEK LEFT! Next week's TL! will be happening rain, shine, wind, snow - because it is the FINAL DAY so prizes, food and good ol' AVA track fun will be had no matter what. Wish to see you there :) 


Season 3 results as of August 8th - let's bring back the B's and keep the LAMP kids coming! 3 weeks left!!


Results from TL! season 1 -  we have had a stellar start to the track 2013 with racing, spectating, holding, and weather. Get ready for season 2, starting June 13th.

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Schedule of Weekly races!

Check out the following link for full details of each race, and points break down: 2013 TL! program

Cost: Try TL! for $5 the first night ($40 for the seasons)