Track Schedule: Spring (Summer preview)

As some of you are aware we have changed the structure of midweek training a bit at the velodrome. The plan for this year is that members of Juventus, Velo, ERTC and EMCC will have access to the three program nights as well as the legend that is Thrusday night TRACK LEAGUE! Along with other world class events.  The week to week structure: MAY to EARLY JUNE   Monday - Structured/group training. This is intended to be mostly more general fitness and track skill training. *** NEW RIDERS try to come early (like at 5:00pm) and we can get through some basics before joining the program ****It is possible to rent a bike from AVA ****If you are coming to this session you are working with the group (they are fun though so its ok)****   Tuesday - (5:30 - 7:30) LAMP (juventus kids program) and Race training (7:00 - ??)

With the race training we will try to incorporate what everyone wants to do. Wednesday - Open training - we will probably have a Gentleman's Ten miler at 6:30 (stay tuned for final times) Thursday - TRACK LEAGUE!!!! - you should go Friday - ...apparently there is a great big world outside the track... go enjoy it.   Summer preview: JUNE to AUGUST   Monday - Race Training / Motor pacing Tuesday- Structured group training (same caveats as above) Wednesday- open training/GT Thursday- TRACK LEAGUE!!! Friday - Track League Recovery... aka closed   This is a bit of an experiment and our hope is that this will allow more people more opportunity to train here. If you have any questions/comments (good or bad) feel free to contact Jeff or the office at the Argyll Velodrome (780-490-5979)   See you at the Track! :)