OCTOBER 9th - 9:00am - BE THERE!

In last year's budget deliberations, a presentation was made to City Council on an indoor recreational centre, including a velodrome. The projected cost was $120 million and Community Services department staff was asked to bring back a phased plan, with the preliminary focus being a velodrome and a link to Peter Hemingway pool for the triathlon community. We have been working with the administration to achieve the goal. Council's Community Services Committee will meet on Tuesday October 9th at 9:00, at which time the revised proposal will be considered, prior to a recommendation to City Council. Our goal is to get a commitment from the city moving this project ahead. We are hoping that the proposal will be at the top of the agenda meaning it will be heard shortly after 9:00. We will let you know the precise time of this presentation, once the agenda is confirmed. Please do your best to attend the meeting in the River Valley Room at City Hall to show your support.