Tom and Jerry Sprint days

Introducing: Track League! Tom & Jerry. A simple set of Match Sprint events, once per track league session. Why? Because we all could use a little more experience in the finer craft of cat & mouse Match Sprinting!


Proposed dates: Saturday afternoons on: May 12, July 21, Aug 25. Afternoons are preferred, because sprint muscles work better in the warmth of the afternoon. And hey, wouldn't we all rather sleep-in a bit on Saturday?


Structure: Thinking we'll do some flying 200s to seed, and then run the matches from there. Track League Points will be awarded for results.


P.S. The name "Tom & Jerrys" - it's a nod to the old-school fun of Saturday morning cartoons, and an attempt to illustrate that these events are more about having fun and learning, than something to be taken too seriously. Of course, hopefully the cat & mouse thing is obvious!