Track League! 2012

May 3rd - August 30th  This year be prepared for ULTIMATE FUN!

284km of track 10milers (including Neutral lap)

18 weeks of TL!

3 seasons

1 track  

Cost: Try TL! for $5 first night ($40 for the seasons)   The rotation of the Earth this fine year has enabled us to have ONE EXTRA WEEK of TL! fun. Ss we decided to keep with the theme of changes and change up TL! Primarily to keep y'all on your toes. But really to add a little more spunk to the race, yes, spunk. This year there will be "seasons" 1, 2, and 3. So if you have to be gone for part of a summer but kick some searious butt during your time here you do not lose out on TL! points. As well, we will still be having the 10miler once a week - with a even more epic Leader Board! The title belt may even make an appearence this year...  

Check out the 2012 schedule under the heading "Track Jazz".

See you at the track! :)